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This is our "Old Neighborhood" around St. Peter & Paul Church. 
If you lived on or near Eagle, St. Ann's, Hegney Place, Brook, Bergen, Third, Washington, Elton, Melrose, and/or Cortlandt Avenues in the Bronx,



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It is said you can never go back.  The purpose of this site is to give you a glimpse of the way it was.  If viewing this site, brings a smile to you face, a tear to your eye or helps you find a long lost friend, then it has served its purpose.

Many factors in our lives shaped us into what we are today.  Jimmy Long sincerely believed who and what we are today was greatly influenced by Our Old Neighborhood and the friends we had in that neighborhood. 

Please help in the development of the site.  Photos, names, addresses, e-mails are needed.  Let it be known what you want on this site.  Requests will try to be  accommodated.  Again, please help with photos (individuals or group shots).

This Web Site was built by Jimmy Long. Others will maintain it in his memory.

Original Old Neighborhood photos can be mailed to James M Manning 1917 Boxwood Terrace, The Villages, FL 32162
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Originals will be returned to the contributor ASAP

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