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Joe & The Gildays.jpg (61186 bytes)
Irene (Gildea) Reynolds, Joe Roberts, Frank Reynolds
Submitted by Renee Neff
Joey Birthday.jpg (19580 bytes)
Joey Corcoran
Submitted by Renee Neff
Old Neigh Girls.jpg (40576 bytes)
Lynne Rule., Maureen Readding, Millie Savage, Sue Kipp
Submitted by Renee Neff
Old Neigh Shower.jpg (94414 bytes)
Marilyn, Lynn, Mrs. Corcoran, Millie, Sue Roberts, Maureen, Sue & Chu Chu.
Submitted by Renee Neff
The Readings.jpg (55511 bytes)
Chris & George Readding
Submitted by Renee Neff
IversMI.jpg (126820 bytes)
Shelis & Marty Ivers
BarretTomEileen.jpg (28624 bytes)
Tom & Eileen Barrett
BarretTom2.jpg (17889 bytes)
Tom Barrett
Tom Barrett
Clementes.jpg (54039 bytes)
Rita & Bill Clemente
MyCat.jpg (50165 bytes)
My Cat
BalcomGeorgePat.jpg (138629 bytes)
George & Pat Balcom
ChipGeorge.jpg (120227 bytes)
Chip Cunningham, George Balcom
Group7-27.jpg (24747 bytes)
Bar B-Q 7/27/02
Jim & Kathy Long, Mike Mckeon, George & Pat Balcom, Chip 7 Pam Cunningham
Group7-27M.jpg (23304 bytes)
Bar B-Q 7/27/02
Jim Long, Mike Mckeon, George Balcom, Chip Cunningham
Gunner.jpg (35767 bytes)
Maureen Cronk's Gunner
ManningBrothers.jpg (48968 bytes)
Manning Brothers
John, Krvin, James, Dennis
Submitted by John Manning
ManningD&J.jpg (72107 bytes)
Dennis Manning & Mother Julia
Submitted by John Manning
Class1952.jpg (40385 bytes)
Class of '52
Bill O'Donnell, Grace Strano, Tom Owens, Collette Beal, John Manning, Bob Connelly, John Quinn, Jim Santilli
Submitted by John Manning
RetreatHouse.jpg (70423 bytes)
Bishop Malloy Retreat House
Submitted by John Manning
Paul Haran's
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Cyber Camera
CrumleyRay.jpg (4662 bytes)
Ray Crumley
CaprioCardile.jpg (8725 bytes)
Lou & Dottie Caprio, Joe Cardile
talent_show.jpg (244359 bytes)
Talent Show
Submitted by Ray Crumley
John and Jim Schwartz.jpg (40384 bytes)
John & Jim Schwartz
Bronx Tigers 1959.jpg (66434 bytes)
Bronx Tigers

top row: Henry Yost, John McCabe, Jimmy Schwartz, Larry Wagner, Ray Brooks, Jon Farrente  

2nd row:  John Casey, ?,Allie Natsukievicz, ?,?Vinny Rooney,?,? 

3 rd Row: Robbie Dunn, Anthony Zacharevicz, Johnny Schwartz, Jimmy Lester. M Flanigan, Billy Schwarz, ?,?,Charlie Dunn, Pat O'keefe, Bobby Muller

Red Sox infield 1961.jpg (71488 bytes)
Red Sox Infield

Top row:  Paul Trentman, Jimmy Schwartz, Bob Muller

Bottom;   Jim Lester, Bob Ramirez, Joe Corcoran

Red Sox1961.jpg (40724 bytes)
Red Sox 1961
Dennis Manning, ? ,Tom Kittleson, Tony Padilla, ?, Jim Schwartz, ?, Jack Murphy      
2nd row Jim Lester, Bill Schwarz, Henry Yost ,Bobby Ramirez, John Schwartz, Louie Esposito, Mike Mckeon, Dom Nuzzi
The Red Sox battery.jpg (74064 bytes)
Red Sox Battery
Larry Wagner, Ray Brooks, Tom Kittleson, Willie Doherty
RileyO,Malley.jpg (37668 bytes)
Tom Riley, ?,   Pat O'Malley
Barbara-Lorna Callan.jpg (25836 bytes)
Barbara ?, Lorna Callan
Submitted by Lorna Callan
BB Group.jpg (33391 bytes)
Basketball Group
Submitted by Lorna Callan
EltonGroup.jpg (37464 bytes)
Pete McNally,Tommy Dalton, Tommy Guerin, Richie Moss, Jimmy & Walter Flanagan, Larry Miller, ?, Eddie Coyle
Submitted by Lorna Callan
In Front of Arches Candy Store
Louie Fanzo
,Gene Amato,GeorgieWard, Andy Maus, Bill Harding, Bobby Dalton, Pisco
, Gene Amato
Submitted by Lionel Williams
In Front of Maldeckers
Bill Harding, Gene Maloney, ?, ?
Submitted by Lionel Williams
Prom1956.jpg (21374 bytes)
1956 Prom
Barbara Hartnett,  Vincent Cianchini, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Riley, Tom Riley
MaryOrchardBeach.jpg (40303 bytes)
Mary Moss at Orchard Beach
TodayShow.jpg (35673 bytes)
Today Show
Ann Curry, Mary & Ritchie Moss
CarneyMiller.jpg (19182 bytes)
Joe Carney, Fr. Larry Miller
1997 SSPP Reunion
Submitted by Rita Clemente

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