Below is a group of Postcards of different scenes and places in the Bronx.  If some of the places don't look familiar it is because most of the cards are from between 1906 and 1930

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149th&3rd.jpg (33207 bytes) 187th.jpg (29099 bytes) 1911ForestAvenue.jpg (68624 bytes) 281WestFordhamRoad.jpg (27992 bytes)
149th & Third Ave 187th St. Forest Ave.  C.1911 NYU Oldsmobile  281 West Fordham Rd.
alexandhenry'srestaurant.jpg (17717 bytes) BeldenPointCamp.jpg (21675 bytes) BronxChurchHouseFulton&171st.jpg (28371 bytes) BronxClub.jpg (27693 bytes)
Ales & Henry's Belden Point, City Island BX Church House, 177th & Fulton Bronx Bronx Club, Pinehurst NC
census.jpg (39832 bytes) CityIslandCatholicChurch.jpg (28860 bytes) CLAREMONT.jpg (25234 bytes) ClasonPointMilitaryAcademy.jpg (22998 bytes)
Census Card The Catholic Church City Island Claremont Park Clason Point Military Academy
columbia.jpeg (26187 bytes) CP.jpg (26543 bytes) dickert.jpg (48892 bytes) clason.jpg (57063 bytes)
Haweins Ship Yard, City Island Clason Point Boat Henry Dickert - Old Point Comfort Hotel -  Beach & Casino Clason Point
DyckmanStFortGeorgeInwoodSubwayStation.jpeg (22512 bytes) El.jpg (26551 bytes) FordhamHospital.jpg (53254 bytes) fredomland.jpg (29089 bytes)
Dyckman St, Fort Gearge, Inwood Subway Station El Westchester Ave. Fordham Hospital Freedom Land Ticket
freedman.jpg (29423 bytes) Macomb'sDamBridge1.jpg (25538 bytes) HaffenBreweryWorkers.jpg (13525 bytes) HighBridge.jpg (25608 bytes)
Andrew Freedman Home 1125 Grand Concourse "Central Bridge" (also known as Macomb's Dam Bridge and the 155th Street Bridge) spanning the Harlem River and connecting 155th Street in Manhattan with 161st Street and Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. This bridge was for many years known as "The Baseball Bridge" because close to either end were professional baseball stadiums, the Polo Grounds in Manhattan and Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. The area in the forground is now covered by the Harlem River Drive. Note also the passenger railroad train on the Bronx side at the right. Haffen Brewery Workers

J & M Haffen Brewery (1856-1917) in history:
This brewery was founded in 1856 by Mathias Haffen at the foot of Elton Street (now E. 152nd) before Melrose Avenue was cut through. The storage vaults, with walls almost 4 feet thick, extended 230 feet back to Gouverneur Street (now E. 151st). The business was inherited by 2 sons who ran it successfully until the coming of Prohibition. The brewery [at south-west corner of E. 152nd and Melrose] was razed in 1917.

High Bridge, which connects High Bridge Park near West 174th Street, Manhattan, and West170th Street in the Bronx, is the oldest bridge connecting two boroughs. When it was built between 1837 and 1848 it actually connected two separate towns, since that area of the mainland would not become a part of New York County until 1874 (and the Bronx would not become a separate county until 1914!)
HolyFaith.jpg (23872 bytes) HorsedrawnTrolleytoCityIsland.jpg (22686 bytes) Library.jpg (28688 bytes) loews149.jpg (30932 bytes)
Holy Faith Church Trolley to City Island Library 169th & Franklin Ave. Loews 149th St.
lourdes.jpg (35117 bytes) fu.jpg (20360 bytes) Macomb'sDamBridge2.jpg (20595 bytes) Macomb'sDamBridge3.jpg (20595 bytes)
Holy Angels School FU Macomb's Dam Bridge Macomb's Dam Bridge
MadisonSqGar.jpg (43866 bytes) MEChurchKingsbridge.jpg (28278 bytes) OldHomesteadonCitysland.jpg (27917 bytes) OlympiaFTDFlorist672westchester.jpg (12395 bytes)
Madison Square Garden

"I Know it is not in the Bronx"

ME Church Kingsbridge Old Homestead, City Island Olympia Florist, Westchester Ave.
PeabodyHomePelhamPkwy.jpg (17195 bytes) PeabodyHomePelhamPkwy.jpeg (16955 bytes) peabody.jpg (24052 bytes) pelhambay.jpg (64397 bytes)
Peabody Home 1000 Pelham Parkway Peabody Home 1000 Pelham Parkway Peabody Home 1000 Pelham Parkway Pelham Bay Park
Dowlings.jpg (17082 bytes) football.jpg (20714 bytes) ImacOrgan.jpg (44590 bytes) LehmanCollege.jpg (29370 bytes)
Dowlings Flyer Dyckman Oval Imaculate Conception Organ Lehman College

167th.jpg (32989 bytes)

central.jpg (19114 bytes) CityIslandFireDept.jpg (16063 bytes) Nine.jpg (103964 bytes)
167th St. Cafeteria Central Auto Spring City Island Fire Department Nine Famous Irishmen

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