Below is a group of Postcards of different scenes and places in the Bronx.  If some of the places don't look familiar it is because most of the cards are from between 1906 and 1930

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149third.jpg (76307 bytes) 154thStBrigeLookinBX.jpg (16381 bytes) 158thconcoursea.jpg (76347 bytes) 1912-298MottAv.jpg (30843 bytes)
149th & Third Bridge at 161st to Manhattan Street Sign 298 Mott Ave.  1912
62EastMtEdenAve.jpg (62306 bytes) allrite.jpg (44244 bytes) b17.jpg (87244 bytes) BilliardsonFordhamRoad.jpg (77962 bytes)
62 East Mt. Eden Ave All Rite B17s Billiards Fordham Rd
blueprint.jpg (93996 bytes) bostonrd.jpg (75740 bytes) BridgeWestchester.jpg (17964 bytes) bronxbandstand1.jpg (37123 bytes)
Yankee Stadium Blueprint Boston Rd & 168th St. Westchester Ave. Bridge St. Mary's Park
bronxhomestead947-949Tremont.jpg (25288 bytes) BXCasino.jpg (32086 bytes) BXHospital.jpg (30089 bytes) ChurchHouse.jpg (62415 bytes)
Old Homestead Bronx Casino Bronx Hospital Bronx Church House
ci.jpg (22479 bytes) CIBridge.jpg (16865 bytes) ColonialInn.jpg (23174 bytes) columbia.jpg (78564 bytes)
City Island Trolley City Island Bridge Colonial Inn Columbia University
cooke.jpg (58092 bytes) cp.jpg (17633 bytes) Dewitt.jpg (8528 bytes) egg_1.jpg (13275 bytes)
Walter B Cooke Ambulance Clason Point Casino DeWitt Clinton Buttons 1943 Elton Ave Eggs
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.jpg (18774 bytes) forest.jpg (24998 bytes) fortslocum.jpg (19775 bytes) fortgeorgeinwood.jpg (27078 bytes)
First Prespeterian Church Forest Ave. Fort Slocum Barracs Fort George Inwood
GunHillHosp.jpg (29628 bytes) Haffen.jpg (23067 bytes) harlem.jpg (28315 bytes) HaufBrau.jpg (30517 bytes)

These men are probably recuperating from war injuries, in this relaxed atmosphere. The Fire Place, Red Cross Recreation Room, U.S.A. General Hospital #1. Located on Gun Hill Road

The J. & M. stood for John and Mathias, Jr., the sons of the brewery’s founder, Mathias Haffen, Sr. The company was founded in 1856, and remained in operation until 1913. The J. & M. Haffen Brewing Company, used to locate on East 152nd Street in the Bronx, New York City. The thought of sighting a mermaid must have cheered many a lonely sailor through the years and frosty mug of Neffah Brew. That’s really paradise! Harlem Boat House City Island Hofbrau Haus 531 Bergen Ave
ebling.jpg (16928 bytes) fino.jpg (10649 bytes) FordonManorReformedChurch.jpg (17680 bytes) HomeAgedRiverdale.jpg (52739 bytes)
Ebling's Beer Paul Fino Fordham Manor Reformed Church Baptist Home for Aged Riverdale
BronxOperaHouse2.jpg (102901 bytes) BronxOperaHouse.jpg (108253 bytes) car54whereareyou.jpg (124640 bytes) dunn.jpg (20047 bytes)
Bronx Opera House 1917 Car 54 Dunn
advocate.jpg (17246 bytes) bronxwebbshome.jpg (62565 bytes)
Avocate Public National Bank Brady's Tavern Webb's Home for Ship Builders
1053SouthernBoulevard.jpg (16777 bytes) 1919StAngelaMericiBronx.jpg (45179 bytes) 1936pilsers.jpg (30533 bytes) 1946OrchardBeachimprovement map.jpg (102035 bytes)
1053 Southern Blvd. St. Angela Merci Pilser's Orchard Beach

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