Below is a group of Postcards of different scenes and places in the Bronx.  If some of the places don't look familiar it is because most of the cards are from between 1906 and 1930

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Yankee Stadium
Tennis Court
Van Courtlandt Park 
Starlight Park Stadium
177th Street and De Voe Avenue
Starlight Park was the original location of the New York International Exposition (1918-1919)
Yankee Stadium
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Band Stand St. Mary's Park
Bath House 156th & Elton
Bear Wheel Alignment Boston Road
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Bird's Business Institute 189th & Park
Bird's Business Institute 150th & Melrose
Children's Playground Clason Point
Waterfront City Island
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Clason Point Inn & Baths
Double Decker Bus Fordham & Concourse
Morris HS
RR Station Williamsbridge
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School House City Island
Split Rock Pelham Bay Park
Spuyten Duyvil RR Station
Stepping Stones Hart's Island City Island
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St James Church Jerome & James St.
Third & 147th
Town Hall Williamsburg
Tremont east from Park
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Tremont Theatre 1913
Tremont looking west from Third Ave.
Tennis Court Van Courtlandt Park
Washington Headquarters Jume Mansion
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Winsette City Island
Woodmansten Inn
When many of these cards were made parts of the Bronx were in Westchester
Yankee Stadium
PS13 Park & 216th
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149th St. El
161st St. El Station
Boston Rd & 169th St
Southern Blvd & 173rd
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187th St.
231st St. El 
3rd Ave El Station
3rd Ave El Tracks
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3rd Ave El Tracks
Mt St Ursla
Bx Apartment Fire
Armory 166th St & Franklin Ave
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Don & Barney's Oyster House Elm Place & Fordham
Halsey Garage
Rye Beach
Babe Ruth

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