Below is a group of Postcards of different scenes and places in the Bronx.  If some of the places don't look familiar it is because most of the cards are from between 1906 and 1930

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orchardbeach.jpeg (31267 bytes) parkchester.jpeg (42526 bytes) Parkchester.jpg (44651 bytes)
Orchard Beach Parkchester Parkchester Parkchester
pelhamb2.jpg (38097 bytes) PelhamBayParkhoreRoadBronx1914.jpg (60956 bytes) PLATFORM 149TH.jpg (50611 bytes) ps12.jpg (13756 bytes)
Pelham Bay Shore Rd. Pelham Bay 149th St El Platform PS12
Ps20.jpg (16297 bytes) PS23.jpg (17876 bytes) ps27.jpg (42417 bytes) ps36.jpg (18148 bytes)
PS20 PS23 Ps27 St Anns & 147th PS36 Unionport
Ps43.jpg (19304 bytes) PS5WebsterAve189th.jpeg (17674 bytes) pswoodlawn.jpg (13315 bytes) SheffieldMilkPlantWebster&166th.jpg (17365 bytes)
PS43 PS5 Webster & 189th Public School Woodlawn Sheffield Milk Plant 166th & Webster
Silver Beach Restaurant.jpg (21992 bytes) SiteofYankeeStadium.jpeg (16974 bytes) StFrancisofRomeChurchWakefield.jpeg (15025 bytes) woodlawn1909.jpeg (59971 bytes)
Silver Beach Restaurant Site of Yankee Stadium St Francis of Rome Fulton St. Woodlawn Cemetery 1909
TremontFromPark.jpg (149140 bytes) Tunneldiggingmachine.jpg (33950 bytes) UnionportRoadParkchester.jpg (52367 bytes) UniversityHeightsPresbyterianChurch.jpeg (26725 bytes)
Tremont From Park Tunnel Digging Machine in the Bronx Unionport Rd. University Heights Presbyterian Church
usn.jpg (35915 bytes) washingtonBridge1898.jpg (26558 bytes) WebsterAveTrolley'sEndofLine.jpeg (16458 bytes) whitestone.jpg (60711 bytes)
US Naval Training Station Pelham Bay Park Washington Bridge 1898 Webster Ave Trolley - End of line Whitestone Bridge
ys3.jpeg (40072 bytes) yankee.jpg (62945 bytes) yankeest.jpg (40457 bytes) ys.jpeg (24174 bytes)
Yankee Stadium Yankee Stadium Yankee Stadium Yankee Stadium
ys.jpg (28589 bytes) ys2.jpeg (27390 bytes) 149th.jpeg (27273 bytes) 149th&third.jpg (25000 bytes)
Yankee Stadium Yankee Stadium Southern Blvd & 149th St. 149th & Third Ave.
WebbAcademyFordhamHeights.jpg (22810 bytes) StAugustinesRCChurch1908.jpg (32467 bytes) 1040Simpson.jpeg (17655 bytes) james.jpg (13000 bytes)
Webb Academy Sedgwick Avenue and 188th Street St. Augustine 1040 Simpson St. James Jeweler 3048 Whiteplains Ave.
StJosephs.jpeg (19177 bytes) StRaymonds.jpeg (15817 bytes) sunsetPaintingWpoem.jpg (19652 bytes) trolly.jpg (142534 bytes)
St Josephs Tremont St Raymonds Forever Yours Trolley Transfers
parkwaygrill.jpeg (25878 bytes) pbnt.jpeg (219042 bytes) RetiredShipbuildersHomeFordham.jpg (39826 bytes) TremontAve.jpg (44646 bytes)
Parkway Grill YMCA Pelham Bay Naval Training Station Retired Shipbuilders Home The elevated subway train crosses Tremont. This view shows many retail establishments such as Harry's Shoes, Felter Hardware and Tools, Smith Auctioneers and Appraisels, Dr. Easterbrook Dentist, Harlem Photography, and another Dentist who extracts teeth for 25 Cents

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